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Leader in recycling

Eco-friendly cleaning in 100% recycled & recyclable packaging, formulas with natural ingredients and no microplastics.
tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year: this can take centuries to disappear.
of the plastic manufactured so far throughout the world has not been recycled.
of marine organisms are affected by pollution produced by plastic in seas and oceans.

Circular Economy


Circular Economy


At Frosch, we design our packaging in such a way that it can be kept in a closed circuit of recycled materials.

All Frosch PET bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Circular Economy


Using 100% recycled plastic bottles means we use plastic over and over again instead of burning it, disposing of it, dumping it into the sea or piling it up in giant landfills somewhere in the world.

Circular Economy

Technical nutrients

We produce new bottles with the new recycled raw material, which can be thrown back into the yellow bin, reprocessed and turned back into bottles. A genuine cycle is created and the plastic does not end up in the oceans!

Circular Economy


In 2014, we developed an innovative process to obtain high-quality recycled material from plastic waste. Plastic from household waste collection, for example, from the yellow bin, is sorted in a rubbish sorting facility, cleaned, shredded and converted into a high quality raw material ready for use.

Frosch rPET bottles on production line

World record in recycling

Every recycled bottle counts

Microplastic-free formulations

Microplastics are pieces of plastic less than 5 mm in length, invisible to the naked eye, that pollute water.
Primary microplastics are mainly used by the cleaning and cosmetics industry for purely aesthetic purposes.
Secondary microplastics come from the degradation of packaging that ends up in our oceans.
Frosch does not use microplastics in its formulations, thus preventing the pollution of our oceans.

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Cleaning WITHOUT polluting

Most people don't realise that when they clean they are polluting the planet. Ecology is about cleaning … or rather, not polluting. The time has come to act and leave a cleaner planet for our children.
Discover the leading brand of ecological cleaning products in Europe that has changed the way we care for our home, our family and the planet. Discover another way of cleaning ... Frosch #limpiarSINensuciar