Aerial view of the Werner & Mertz headquarter with solar pannels and wind turbines on the roof

Ecological pioneer

The Frosch brand was created from the start with the mission of caring for people and the planet.
Werner & Mertz launched Frosch in Germany, a pioneering brand in the development of ecological products for household cleaning.
Froggy (Frosch) arrived in Spain ready to meet the new needs of consumers.
Froggy (Frosch) began to use recycled plastic from a new, innovative process for its packaging.
The brand was relaunched in Spain under the name Frosch, maintaining the quality and efficacy of its ecological cleaning products.
Respect for people and the environment

The Frosch brand is committed to society and ecology at all levels and continues to innovate to meet the new challenges of our century.

EMAS certification logo on the door of the headquarters


All our developments have numerous certifications at the highest level that reward the composition of our products, our packaging and our production tools. For example, Ecolabel, Cradle to Cradle, ISO 9901, AISE and EMAS.

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Frosch has pledged to supporting various local initiatives to promote the conservation of ecosystems.

Woman carrying a toddler on her shoulders reaches up for the branch of a tree

Natural Efficacy

Frosch is inspired by the power of nature and uses carefully selected ingredients in its formulations to offer our consumers an ecological solution for cleaning their home.
Sustainable, biodegradable formulations that care for the planet and public health.

Werner & Mertz headquarters in Mainz


We strive to make a more sustainable lifestyle possible and accessible to everyone beyond our brands. This is achieved in our company by manufacturing exemplary ecological products for home care and cleaning.