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Local initiatives

Frosch has pledged to supporting various local initiatives to promote the conservation of ecosystems.
Frosch and Oceanogràfic

Frosch is collaborating with the Oceanogràfic Valencia to unite and share efforts as well as responsibilities for the conservation of marine life.

Oceanografic Valencia Building

Oceanogràfic Foundation

The Oceanogràfic, located in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, is the largest aquarium in Europe, as well as a first-rate scientific educational and recreational center. Its main objective is to promote the conservation of the seas and protect the marine environment.

The Oceanogràfic Foundation is committed to providing new knowledge, to work towards animals’ care and well-being, and to inform and raise society awareness’ to improve the conservation of species and their natural habitat.

Inauguration of the Time Capsule

La Marea del Cambio

The collaboration, called “La Marea del Cambio” (“Drivers of change”), consists of the creation of a cycle of activities that promote divulgation between our society and different groups (academic-scientific, business, informative, etc.) that work to reverse or mitigate our current situation to help protect the oceans. As part of the project, a “Time Capsule” has been created in which visitors of the Oceanogràfic will be able to put inside a message with their wishes for the future of the ocean.

Inauguration event

The past 18th of October 2022 the inauguration event took place in the Oceanogràfic’s auditorium. In the event, the “Time Capsule” was inaugurated and Oceanogràfic experts presented the collaboration to different representatives of the press. This collaboration will continue throughout 2023 until June, when the Time Capsule will be submerged in the aquarium during the World Ocean’s Day. The capsule will remain there until 2030, when we will check if as a society, we will have been able to achieve the challenges inside it.