Werner & Mertz headquarters in Mainz

Our mission

We strive to make a more sustainable lifestyle possible and accessible to everyone.
Ecology as a central pillar

Our products are manufactured in Germany and Austria in accordance with the highest environmental standards. Our production centres are EMAS certified, the most rigorous environmental management system in Europe. We use renewable energy at our headquarters and have integrated our packaging supplier into our production facility to reduce our carbon footprint.

Corn rose at our head office in Mainz

Totally eco-responsible headquarter

The choice of renewable energies

Our headquarter and production plant in Mainz, Germany, are powered by renewable energies. We use geothermal energy from a geothermal plant near the surface. The energy needed to operate the geothermal pumps is generated by wind turbines on the roof of the building. We also produce additional electricity through photovoltaic panels installed on the roof.
Finally, we have installed a water treatment station at the entrance and exit of the production plant to preserve water quality and biodiversity.

Photovoltaic modules on the roof of our new production center L8 on the company premises

A self-sufficient building

Thanks to the combination of these 3 renewable energy sources, the administration building produces more energy than it consumes, which allows us to return the surplus energy to the city of Mainz.
The Werner & Mertz group has obtained LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification for the construction of this innovative building.

Packaging manufacturing

An integrated supplier

To reduce CO2 emissions, we decided to stop transporting empty bottles by road by bringing our packaging supplier on site. Thanks to a partnership agreement with our supplier, we have established a system that allows us to manufacture recycled plastic bottles directly at our production plant in Mainz.

Employee on her bike in front of the Mainz production center L8

Our new production centre

Our new production centre, constructed in 2019, has joined the manufacture of packaging and bottling in the same building for greater flexibility. This new factory, built to meet the growing demand for our products, is today the largest factory in the world making bottles from 100% recycled plastic.