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It leaves heavily soiled pots and pans squeaky clean

This is how you remove grease from your pots and pans

The Dishwashing Gel Raspberry Vinegar is particularly effective against grease and burnt-in food, and it leaves a pleasant scent.


We know it all too well: you don't pay attention for just a moment and food is burnt or stuck to the bottom of the pan. The first thing we usually do is soak the pan immediately, preferably overnight, and forget about it for the time being. But soaking your pots and pans, and even cleaning them, does not have to be that time-consuming.

What is the most effective way to soak a pan?

For particularly stubborn soiling, it can be helpful to soak the pan for a while first. But 20 to 60 minutes should be enough. And there is no need to fill the pan to the brim with water, because the problem is just the bottom, not the whole pan. Washing-up liquid and lukewarm water are enough to loosen the burnt food from the bottom of the pan. This saves energy and water.

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How do I clean a burnt saucepan?

Now use a powerful washing-up liquid again, such as the Dishwashing Gel Raspberry Vinegar from Frosch, and a steel wool sponge or brush. Now you can tackle the stubborn burnt food on the bottom of the pan.

Put a small amount of the washing-up liquid on the bottom of the pan, wet the steel wool sponge and loosen the dirt. A small amount is sufficient here. The powerful washing-up liquid combined with the steel wool removes grease and burnt food in no time at all. Rinse your pan with cold water, clean the outside and dry it thoroughly to avoid limescale and water marks.