Frosch Dishwasher Tablets Baking Soda

Cleans the dishes, pots and pans spotlessly shiny. The powerful formula with bicarbonate removes grease and even stubborn incrustations.
Where to buy
Where to buy
Frosch Pastillas Lavavajillas Bicarbonato de Sodio 30
Frosch Pastillas Lavavajillas Bicarbonato de Sodio 50 dosis
Formula with all-in-1 functions: Cleansing, Rinsing, Salt Function, Glass Protection, Stainless Steel, Anti-stubborn Stains and Saving Energy.
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Dosage (fully loaded machine): 1 tab. Place the tab in the product compartment of your dishwasher. If the tab does not fit, contact the manufacturer or the user manual of your machine.

5 - 15% oxygen-based bleaching agents, <5% non-ionic surfactants, polycarboxylates, enzymes (amylase, protease), perfumes. Further ingredients: bicarbonate.

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Free of animal-derived ingredients Icon
Free of animal-derived ingredients
All Frosch formulas completely avoid the usage of animal ingredients.